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You probably wouldn't believe us if we told you trade shows are dead

We've built something special to address the issues all of us have. Educate your marketplace while you attract more customers without hiring more people, chasing down in-person meetings, and fussing with trade shows.  


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Right now the exhibitor hall is by invitation only. If you have a product or brand that is helping companies every step of the way, feel free to reach out and request an invite.

This is for Multifamily Exhibitors who are looking for
a better way to get clients

Home Shopping Meets the Trade Show.

A New Exhibitor Showcase.

Education-based marketing is an opportunity for exhibitors. is focused on improving innovation while redirecting millions of dollars to better product design and technology, and provide a sustainable way for brands to get more clients. 

The Conference Model has not changed in over 50 years, but it needs to.

Busy decision-makers cannot attend every trade show, association meeting, product demo, expo, user conference, and industry conference.

The bottom line is this. You are just trying to help your potential client to live in a better world, to improve their life or business to a better one. When you take that viewpoint and use video to share that with the world, your company will see a new world of possibilities. While people struggle to get clients, the flaw in the way people go about marketing their business is that they provide lots of information talking about their product. 


Typically, people are traveling all over the country attending trade shows, taking clients to dinner, demo meetings, - you know what we're talking about. It's those long connecting flights and time away from the business and family that hurts - not to mention the wasted dollars. 


But people will do business with you not to get your product or information, but what they believe is possible. We use video to get clients. 88% of buyers don't want to talk to a salesperson until they are ready to buy. You know this, we grew up in a tv generation and with 5g coming you need to cut through that noise. 


Your ideal clients are waking up every day with a problem they need solved. They will begin to research solving those problems and that's where your show comes in. Imagine a day when you can add value to your ideal clients number one pain, then build trust and attract them to your business.

Going Green Matters

Additionally, trade shows generate an exorbitant amount of waste each year with an incredible 600,000 tons of trash turned out every year by the 60 million people who attend these events. This staggering amount of waste has a huge environmental impact. 

    Trade shows are an antiquated model that is in desperate need of innovation.

    Companies now have an option for going green while featuring more of their product line than would fit in their trade show booth. They also have an indefinite amount of time to present their products to an executive who can watch at his or her leisure without the pressure of having to “pitch” within a short amount of time and with distractions from the trade show floor.Busy decision-makers cannot attend every trade show, association meeting, product demo, expo, user conference, and industry conference.

    A better way

    to get clients

    There are much better ways to inform customers of new products. As the online marketplace expands - we buy online, network online, sell online, date online, learn online, and consume massive amounts of content online - resistance to this change feels safe but is very dangerous, as it exposes us to the greater risk of becoming irrelevant.

    Just as Netflix challenged an industry that did not innovate fast enough 

    You can change the game for your clients, making your product accessible to all. 


    We are now in a market where products require educating potential customers. The more complex the product or service, the more time it takes to transfer that knowledge to potential clients. A typical sales representative would attempt to transfer that knowledge over coffee, scheduling an online demo, a dinner meeting, trade show meetups, and client sales calls. This process can be time consuming, costly, and becomes a challenge for both the client and the sales rep. 

    "85% of buyers don’t want to talk to a salesperson before they are ready to buy. This is why you want to make it easy for people to discover and learn about products." Hubspot

    Exhibitors should focus on the buyer journey. You never want to make your customers do hard work to learn about your offer. Sometimes asking them to attend shows is just one of the hurdles.

    "59% of Executives said they would rather watch a video than read text." -Wordstream

    Positioning a product requires a brand to create awareness, offer unique presentations on how the product works, how the product would solve an industry problem and who the product is helping. You simply can’t rush the process and buyers need to be able to understand these elements to the business. 


    People don’t have the time to catch up on failed follow-up demos and now that the industry is moving at such a fast pace, companies are becoming more reliant on these industry partners to operate their company. 

  has already produced exhibitor shows featuring LG Electronics - a global brand delivering a smart living experience at the next level, CheckpointID - one of the fastest growing companies in Multifamily solving fraud issues and safety, Leasehawk, providing artificial intelligence software for leading apartment properties, PointCentral - who is shaping the future of smart automation and connected devices, 365Connect who is powering the resident lifecycle and more shows coming!


    Right now the exhibitor hall is by invitation only. If you have a product or brand that is helping companies every step of the way, feel free to reach out and request an invite. 

    The Product Showcase Includes

    • You have 20 minutes to pitch your company product offer

    • Your pitch is recorded - we produce your very own exhibitor show

    • Your Exhibitor Show available 24/7 365 days 

    • Viewers access your exhibitor show for FREE! No need to attend live events

    • Custom url to share your show with potential clients

    • Your show can focus on new clients and/or update existing product advancements

    • Multi-Camera Live Production to professionally showcase your product

    • Company branding in your exhibitor show with Calls to Action for inbound leads

    • Broadcast quality audio for multi-tasking/commuting professionals

    • Social Media amplification to reach a wider audience

    • Thought Leadership to Educate your Potential Customers

    • We produce custom marketing clips of key points to drive traffic to your show url

    How This Helps you

    • Reach more people at scale

    • Help clients without interrupting them

    • Reach people who don't attend trade shows

    • Ideal clients can

      watch and learn

    • Attract the best clients with inbound leads

    • Scale your business without hiring more sale people

    • Get 10x the sales without 10x the effort

    • Educate the Marketplace

    • Build trust as a thought leader

    • Lower cost to exhibit, no hassle

    • No need to bring a booth

    • No labor cost to set up

    • No need to produce printing

    • Go green while featuring more of your product

    • Provide a solution when people cannot meet you in person. 

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